Big Ass Fans® Process Tools and Expertise Tailored to Your Space

A Proven Process You Can Trust

Big Ass Fans has the knowledge and expertise to help when it matters most. Whether it’s using our innovative SpecLab® software to provide a complete airflow analysis of your space, providing factory-certified installers to ensure products are installed safely and securely, or offering service guarantees that go above and beyond, at Big Ass Fans we deliver the very best, period..


Provides a custom airflow analysis of your facility using our 3D SpecLab® software to show how our products will attack pathogens.


Our factory-certified installers ensure your system is installed correctly with minimal facility downtime.

and Service

Preventive maintenance, calibration and expert service guarantees Clean Air System will run for years on end.


Ion and UV-C technologies seamlessly integrated with Big Ass fans reduce pathogens.*

SpecLab: A Clearer Picture of
a Cleaner Space

Only Big Ass Fans offers groundbreaking SpecLab software, a tool that allows you to work side-by-side with our experts to specify your tailored solution. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and your building’s unique layout, SpecLab creates a full 3D simulation of our fans in your space, letting you see our recommendations in a level of detail like never before.

Analyze Your Airflow

We evaluate your building’s air velocity, average cooling coverage and airflow patterns.

Create a 3d Model of your space

We use CFD and your building’s layout to create a 3D simulation of the fans in your space.

Identify the Right Solution

We specify the perfect recommendation for the size, number, and placement of the Big Ass fans in your space.

“Product customization was super. We sent BAF pictures of our space and they did an analysis breaking down exactly what we should buy and what results we would expect to see. We had a sales impact day one.”

Shawn Johnson, Franchise Owner, Orangetheory Fitness

You Have Enough Things to Worry About. Installation Shouldn’t Be One.

At Big Ass Fans®, we strive to make the installation and commissioning process seamless. Our factory-certified installers are licensed specialists who ensure your system is installed correctly with minimal facility downtime. We also offer commissioning to ensure optimal performance.

Effortless Fan Control

On our Powerfoil® X3.0 and Powerfoil® D models, our optional BAFCon™ controller allows you to link all of your overhead Big Ass fans together to give you total control over your facility’s comfort from a single touchscreen.

Lifetime Technology Tracking

When you pair our app with the Haiku® UV-C, you can view live feedback about the performance and remaining life of your technology.

Calibration and Service That Can't Be Beat

Our preventive maintenance and expert service guarantee your system will have long-lasting operation that creates a more comfortable environment for years to come.